Bartoli Refractory Company, specialised in the production of refractory materials, was founded in 1975 by the owner himself Mr.Bartoli Nello, properly in Deruta which is worldwide known as a city of refine ceramics production.

During the firsts years of its activity the Company was producing supports for dishes'shaping through the procedure of melting , and it was involved also in plates trade. Than Bartoli refractory has widened its production specializing in the technique of refractory extrusion through the use of extremely new machinery reaching the production of big plates.

Today Bartoli Refractory's materials, whose production is completed in the company building, have come to be used also in the food market. This has been possible thanks to special certifications gained after strict controls.

The extreme good quality shown by Bartoli Refractory products by the company customers is the result of an old experience in this field joined with a constant attention to the renewal of the machinery which has lead Bartoli Refractory company to be highly competitive in differents sectors.
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